A Home, And Some Houses



8040 blundell road / richmond / british columbia / 1995-2000

green marbled bathroom countertop / watching a bug’s life on vhs, the tv sits on the ground, the wires are visible, which is really surprising, knowing my mom / the apartment building wraps around a 7-11 / my bedtime blue blanket always smelled like detergent / the other blue blanket on my parent’s bed, it smelled weird, but good / dressed in my pjs, messing around on windows 98, the screen was really blurry, i played loderunner, the i-beam cursor in ms word fascinated me, my grandpa made the desk / was it a real fire or just a drill when we had to go outside at 3 am? all the women wore saris / the elevator was gold and shiny



8560 garden city road / richmond / british columbia / 2000-2013, 2014

fifteen years / sunday clothes and front yard photos / the cherry tree in the front had no fruit, we climbed it so much it started to bend over / the fig tree on the side of the house was perfect for climbing, dad cut it down because rats would climb it too / watching the eclipse on the roof / christmas eve at our place every year / we had friendly neighbours for the first few years, with kids, there was a gate between our fences, i went over and played simcity / on the other side our neighbours were elderly chinese folks, we hopped the fence and came up and played chinese checkers without knowing the rules, they gave us rhubarb every year / richmond streets at night will always remind me of walking home with jeeven after canada day 2013 / sunday lunches on the sundeck / i put brick wallpaper up in my room / got a cat, then another cat, then a dog, then the second cat came back / sprinklers and water fights in the back / dad built a greenhouse / i drove into the front of the house, i will be hearing about that until i die / we called the crawl space under the split level the ‘hide-out’ / had a chemistry set and petri dishes when i was 7, made a big mess with methyl blue and grew stinky bacteria / a lot of biking / treehouse had a balcony with a rope which you could use to jump onto the trampoline from up high, grandma did it once and we all cheered / making jam out of the golden yellow plums from the trees in the back / the concrete underneath the carport stayed shiny and smooth while the uncovered was eroded and rough, which fascinated me / friends gave us extra firewood, you can see it stacked in the carport, we lost those friends long before the pile ran out



4302 bedwell harbour road / pender island / british columbia / 2013-2014

one year, an internship at a bible camp on an island rural enough to not have streetview coverage / i wish i learned more / stayed up all night in an empty dining hall dancing to beyonce’s self-titled / learned a lot about love that i wish i hadn’t / i was so proud of the work i was doing in the office / a bit lonely / wish i had brought my bike / wish i had talked more with katy because we should still be close but we aren’t / i wish i had had more self-control / i wish i wish i wish



5109 59a street / delta / british columbia / 2014-

current, ten months / netflix marathons of grey’s and gossip with the entire family / brick wallpaper again / my room is coming together / building the deck in the back / occupation of the space feels more superficial than at the richmond house / ladner is quieter, and i wish i could just bike through the massey tunnel into richmond instead of having to bus


Photos © Google Earth


Jordan is a 20 year old full-time art student living in Vancouver. He has a passion for places, maps, signage, and the fascinating emotional significance each hold, which is beginning to be reflected in his art as it develops. 

Jordan Price