China, Wuxi

23 + 1: Wuxi

I was only 23 and I’d be alone for a year. I would meet friends, but ultimately I’d be alone. My friends back home would ultimately forget about me. I’d be alone.

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Alabama, Daphne, USA

Daphne, Alabama

I’d been cursed with an overly curious mind and infected with a desire to know myself beyond my present existence, I wanted to go further back to the people whose blood, sweat, and sacrifice went into making me.

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Australia, India, Massachusetts, Mumbai, San Francisco, Sidney, USA

Places Where I Grew Up

The space I took up in this particular town was largely relegated to what little I had access to and where I was allowed to go safely as a child: school, the library, the streets within my neighborhood, the streets in my friend’s neighborhoods nearby, and occasionally the convenience store or local ice cream place downtown.

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lund, sweden

The Old Part of Town

All I can tell you is this: Snow. Cobbled paths. Yellow, white, and faded pink buildings. The architecture can’t hide its past. I step into the watercolor postcard of Scandinavia.

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Seoul, South Korea

The Rules of The Game

i am a spy. my disguise, my physical appearance, my language, coded in english. i go over the rules every time i walk out of the apartment and onto the streets. no eye contact. no physical contact.

this is not my home.

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